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Town of Cranbuy, NJ This site, maintained by the Cranbury Lions Club, offers information about the town of Cranbury, New Jersey.
Speakers & Judges
Florence Robin 6/2018
Al Green 5/2018
David M. Warren ? 4/2018
Paul Michael Kane 3/2018
Nick Palmieri 10/2017
Fred Everitt 8/2017
Susan Puder 6/2017, 12/2017, 7/2018
Diane V. Dugan 4/2017
Sandra Davis ? 3/2017
Peter Borg ? 11/2016
David Hartz 9/2016
Sara Signorelli 8/2016
John Sandstedt 7/2016
Richard DeFalco 6/2016
Rich Despins 5/2016
Patricia Worley 2/2016
Alan Bogard 11/2015, 2/2017, 5/2017, 2/2018
James Peeples 10/2015
Bruce Tucker 8/2015
Addison Vincent 7/2015
Dave Desrochers 6/2015
Rich Lewis 5/2015, 1/2016
Gary Saretsky 4/2015
Chris Stadelmeier 3/2015
Phil Echo 1/2015, 4/2016, 11/2017
Jane Graziano 11/2014
Peter C Cook 10/2014
Joel Morgovsky 9/2014, 9/2017
George Hall 7/2014
Marie Kane 6/2014
Miles Truesdell 5/2014
David Mills 3/2014
Nat Clymer 2/2014, 12/2016, 1/2018
Brien Szabo 1/2014, 3/2016
Dwight Hiscano Dwight judged the club's internal Nature competition in April, 2014. His images are widely published in prestigious organizations such as National Geographic, The New York Times, the Nature Conservancy Magazine and Outdoor Photography. Dwight has his own gallery at 1007 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Harding Township, NJ 07960.
Jacki Dickert Jacki gave an enthusiastic and captivating presentation on Creative Nature Photography on November 13, 2013. She explained her approach to seeing and how she perceives her surroundings. Her work ranges from sweeping landscapes to images of the often overlooked, but exquisitely beautiful details of nature.
Ron Tarver Ron Tarver judged competition July 24, 2013. His career is photojournalism, but also specializes in fine art photography.
Roman Kurywczak Roman is a professional photographer. He has given talks to our club about nighttime photography, wildlife photography and macro photography. He offers tours to exciting places in the US and around the world. Roman has judged many of our competitions.
Arik Gorban Arik Gorban judged competition February 2009, February 2012 and gave a wonderful presentation on street photography.
Joe Restuccia Joe Restuccia presented an interactive talk on taking candid photos in November, 2011. He wowed the group with interesting photos and discussions of people being themselves while on national and international cruises tours.
Dwight Hiscano Dwight Hiscano judged the Ant's Eye competition in August, 2011. Dwight´┐Żs love for the outdoors has led to a passionate effort to capture the North American wilderness on film while bringing new perspectives to the art of landscape photography.
Ilya Raskin Ilya Raskin showed images of and spoke about the animals that he has photographed all over the world. His focus on nature is driven by the desire to preserve the memory of its rapidly disappearing wild splendor.
Ron Wyatt Ron, a freelance photographer, gave a presentation on sports photography in June, 2011, showing photos from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and discussing photography tips and techniques. Samples of Ron's work are available on his website, which shows the depth of his talent. Ron is currently involved in travel tours to China through M & M Photo Tours.
Gary Saretzky Gary judged the Portraits competition in February, 2011. His works have been exhibited regularly in shows at Rutgers University Art Gallery; Ellarslie, the Trenton Museum; Monmouth County Library; Rider University and Mercer County Community College. He regularly gives lectures on the history of photography. Gary is profiled in Who's Who in American Art.
Jay Shin Jay judged the Geological competition in January, 2011. His works have been exhibited throughtout the states of NY, NJ and PA and in many permanent collections including Hunterdon Museum of Art and Museum Society of Trenton City Museum.
David 'Smokey' Wurtzel Smokey judged the Amuzement Park Activities competition in October, 2010.
Denise Bush Denise Bush judged the Fungus Among Us competition in August, 2010. This was a particularly difficult competition to judge because of the limited subject matter. Samples of Denise's work can be seen on her web site.
Tibor Vari Tibor Vari gave a presentation on histograms and his water-related images in May 2010. He also judged the competition April 2009.
Larry Zink Larry judged the Still Life competition in January 2010. Examples of Larry's nature photography can be seen on his web site.
Richard Trenner In November 2009, Richard Trenner presented images he has taken that have social, symbolic and visual meaning. Richard says when he composes an image, he hopes for two results: "sense" and "symbol." These terms are explained on his web site and illustrated in his portfolio.
Tom Icklan Tom Icklan judged the Broken competition in May 2009. Tom displays samples of his work on flickr.
Alan Leckner Alan Leckner showed two of his nature and wildlife photo albums in May 2009. The first include pictures taken at the Lakota Wolf Preserve, and the second was a trip from Tucson to Yellowstone.
Barbara Warren Barbara Warren judged competition December 2008.
The Portrait Studio Natalie Caricato and Marjorie Jones spoke to the club in October 2008.
Joseph Rossbach Joseph Rossbach gave a talk on Grand Landscapes at our club meeting in September 2008.
Research & Reviews
Digital Photography Review Great source of reviews with an interesting and informative set of forums covering all makes and types of camera equipment.
Photographers Savings Guide The Ultimate Savings Guide for Beginner Photographers: 50+ Tips and Resources.
BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO OUTDOOR AND NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY Link to and guide on how to begin and improve outdoor and nature photography.
How to Start a Photography Business How to Start a Photography Business
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IrfanView A free software program with a funny name that's terrific for viewing, resizing, rotating and simple editing images.
Gimp A free software program that's does complex image editing and manipulation. An excellent tool for making images used on web sites.
PhotoContest Pro CdCC uses this software to view projected images in club competitions.

PhotoContest Pro is a program designed for Camera Clubs to run digital photo contests. The program manages the tasks of setting up a contest, managing the pictures for a contest, running and scoring the contest, assigning awards, viewing the pictures, and producing data reports.