NJFCC Projection Competition Guidelines

Projection Competition Requirements

The subject matter of these competitions may vary depending upon the specific competition. The Chairperson for the NJFCC Projection Committee will announce the categories at club meetings. The upload page on this web site will identify the categories.

NJFCC limits the number of images, for all categories, that each club may submit. The number depends upon which competition. NJFCC also limits the number of images that each individual person may submit.

Club members must upload their images to CdCC's web site prior to the deadline given in the club calendar. Immediately following the deadline, club members will have an opportunity to vote on the images for the purpose of pre-selecting, or narrowing the choices to the best images for the Committee. The Chairperson may limit the voting to individuals in specific levels, such as only A-level members; however, all members may view the submissions.

The NJFCC Projection Committee shall then make a final determination of which images to submit to the NJFCC for judging. In making their decision, they must assure that the total number of images and images per person meet the NJFCC rules.

Image File Requirements

  1. Image Size: 1050 pixels along the longest edge.
  2. File Format: JPEG.
  3. Color Space: sRGB.
  4. File Size: The maximum file size is 1.5 Megabytes. Please try to keep the size much smaller by reducing the JPEG quality to something less than maximum, e.g., 9 for Photoshop, 90 for IrfanView.


Please check the calendar on this web site for NJFCC competitions.

Competition Results

Results are published in the NJFCC newsletter, Cable Release.

Other Information

The official NJFCC rules are available by browsing the NJFCC Competitions page.


If you have any questions regarding NJFCC projection competitions, please contact JC Roy jcroy@cranburydigitalcameraclub.org