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Date Event/Activity Description
February 8, 2023 Club Meeting
High-Key / Low-Key Photography
High-key and low-key photography styles utilize lighting and exposure techniques to create moody and more expressive photographs. Different types of mood can be expressed by controlling light and shadows, brightness and contrast, and light direction and quality. In this program, Arik defines high-key and low-key photography styles, discusses the characteristics and effects of each style, shares lighting and shooting techniques for creating high-key and low-key pictures, and demonstrates some simple post processing techniques to fine tune the pictures. Examples of high-key and low-key pictures shared in the presentation cover various types of subjects, including portraiture, still life, architecture, flowers, and street. While lighting and advanced post processing techniques may allow for a wider range of high-key and low-key photo opportunities, most of the techniques and 7 examples shared in this presentation are simple and do not require advanced equipment or post processing skills.
February 22, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Macro (Close-Up)
The photo should be taken from a position very near the subject. Generally this means that the lens should be focused at or near its closest focusing position. The use of close up filters, extension tubes and macro lenses is permitted. Nature or man-made objects permitted.Examples of macro photography:
March 8, 2023 Club Meeting
Street photography
March 22, 2023 ++ Club Competition
As photographers, we often focus on natural landscapes because they are so beautiful. But cityscapes can be beautiful and interesting as well! A cityscape is a city viewed as a scene – an artistic view of a city. Examples would include an urban scene cluttered with factories, the ruins of an ancient city or a city skyline. Your scene can be natural as you viewed it, or altered using editing software.
April 12, 2023 Club Meeting
Wildlife 101
April 26, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Cemeteries can be interesting places to photograph. Think of the symmetry of the grave markers at the Arlington National Cemetery, crumbling, vine-covered tombstones in a forgotten cemetery, beautiful and poignant objects left on graves and interesting statuary. No restrictions other than your photo must have been taken in a cemetery.
May 10, 2023 Eastern And Southern Africa -
A Detailed Photographic Journey
May 24, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Dramatic Skies
Late afternoon and early evening skies that are very dramatic and striking. The dramatic sky should be the main emphasis of the photo. Various photo elements such as barns, trees, bridges etc. are OK but the dramatic sky must create the overall effect. Hand-of-Man and Black-n-White are permitted
June 14, 2023 Club Meeting
June 28, 2023 ++ Club Competition
What says winter to you? Is it a fresh snowfall on a landscape? Icicles hanging from a barn roof? A fire in the fireplace? Children bundled up in snow suits? A bird sitting on a snow-covered branch Think broadly. Just make sure your photo strongly captures a winter theme
July 12, 2023 Club Meeting
July 26, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Night Photography
Describe eventNight photography is a lot of fun whether you focus on nature or cityscapes or a combination of both. No restrictions except your photo must have obviously been taken at night.
August 9, 2023 Club Meeting
August 23, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Colors in Sky
Sunset or sunrise photography Can be taken before sunrise or after sunset when the color in the sky is magnificent. Your image can be taken as the sun is ascending or descending, as long as there is color in the sky like yellows, oranges, and reds.
September 13, 2023 Club Meeting
September 27, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Fog and Mist
Various outdoor photo subjects are possible but the fog and mist is obviously the major element of the photo. The fog/mist should create a dramatic effect, creative mood or other special effect. Black n White or Color and Hand of Man are allowed.
October 11, 2023 Club Meeting
October 25, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Sports Photography
Since not everyone photographs sports, we’re keeping this topic broad and also including photographing games such as chess or cards. But whichever sport or game you choose, it’s important that you show the sport or game being played that means you must have people in your photo participating in the sport or game. You can’t just take an artistic picture of a chess board.
November 8, 2023 ++ Club Competition
Pure Black and White
All subjects indoor or outdoor are permitted but there should not be any color in the photo. Keep this to true black-n-white — no monochrome or grayscale. Lets see how creative we can be with this subject.
December 13, 2023 ++ Club Competition
My Favorite Photo
Everyone has one or two favorite photos in their collection. What is yours? Enter it in this month’scompetition and let’s see it! Reminder: according to club rules, your photo cannot have won anaward in any other CdCC monthly competition.