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Date Event/Activity Description
February 28, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Leading Lines
The Image must have distinct leading lines heading to the subject.
March 27, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Letters
Including words in your images introduces a graphic element for your viewers to interact with further revealing the story of your image. Don't be afraid to go in tight and give us just a simple letter!
April 10, 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Animal Family
Our feathered, four-legged, finned, scaled, and other non-human family members are very special to us. And a lot of us enjoy photographing them looking cute, poignant or doing funny things.
April 24, 2024 Club Meeting
PSA: Round 3 Voting
The club will host the PSA Round 3 Color Competition. The images willl be judged by 3 member of the club.
May 3, 2024 Gourgaud Gallery Gourgaud Gallery Show 2024 in the Month of May

Possibly Hang date of May 3rd. Opening May 5th? Take down maybe the 31st.
May 22, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Shadows
Photograph shadows so it's the main focus of the picture and tells a story. There are no restrictions and any subject is acceptable.
June 19, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Abstracts and Patterns in Nature
Create an abstract image from nature or caused by nature Abstract images may contain a small portion of an object or multiple objects. concentrate on a limited area of a subject that reveals a shape, pattern, form, color or texture
July 24, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Wildlife
Photograph any type of wildlife, preferably not in captivity (not in a zoo). Show some interesting action rather than simply a profile photo. Birds, reptiles, insects/ butterflies, amphibians are all permitted. Humans are not include
August 28, 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Results of the Hand of Man
Man has had an impact on the natural world, both positive and negative. For this topic, focus on the results of the hand of man. For example, the city of New Orleans is below sea level.
September 11, 2024 Civic Engagement Photography
Jacque Howard
Description to be provided
September 25, 2024 ++ Club Competition
In a Bottle
Take a picture of anything that can be contained in a bottle. Use your imagination.
October 23, 2024 ++ Club Competition
NJ Shore
This should be an easy topic. The image must be taken at the Jersey Shore.
People, beach, boardwalk, anything goes. Just no SNAP SHOTS!
November 13, 2024 ++ Club Competition
Your portrait could be of a person or of an animal. Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person or animal utilizing backgrounds, lighting and posing.
December 11, 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Artistry of The Artist
Pick a famous artist or photographer. Take a picture and make it look like that person's work. Identify the artist or photographer in your title