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Date Event/Activity Description
January 22, 2020 ++ Club Competition Detail Is Everything
Enter your images where a detail in the photo is what makes the image special.
Every picture has a feature critical to its composition. In a macro, it could be the insect you're photographing. In a wide angle shot it's the foreground feature. In a telephoto, it's the detail that lets the viewer understand the significance of the shot.
Examples: A landscape where you have focused on a log lying on the ground and pointing into the photo; with a telephoto, a shot of a bird on the ground where only the bird is in focus - both the foreground and background are out of focus. With a macro shot, the antenna on your insect is the sharpest part in focus.
February 12, 2020 Club Meeting Photographing the NJ Pine Barrens - Richard Lewis
February 26, 2020 ++ Club Competition Black and White Only
Take/convert photo to a black and white image having only shades of grey. The skies the limit! Any subject is permitted.
Hint : Photos with a lot of contrast( black blacks and white whites, but not blown out) convert best to black and white. No colors, tones or sepia allowed.
March 11, 2020 Club Meeting Creative Photography - Robin Rielly
March 25, 2020 ++ Club Competition Leading Lines
Take a photo with Leading Lines.
Definition: Leading lines are compositional elements - straight, curved or irregular - that lead the viewers eye into the image.
Examples of subjects include, but are limited to paths, streams, roads, wires and fences.
April 22, 2020 ++ Club Competition Reflections
Photograph an image that contains a reflection off any type of surface. For instance, reflections on metal, glass, or water. A very straightforward challenge.
May 13, 2020 Club Meeting Long Exposure - James Venuti
May 27, 2020 ++ Club Competition Long Exposures
Take an image of a subject using a long exposure to blur or smooth out motion.
Examples of subjects: water falls, rivers, large bodies of water, skies or carnival rides. Long exposures - use a long exposure to slow or blur motion/smooth water etc. With less light entering the lens, the shutter speed needs to be much longer.
A neutral density filter allow you to shoot longer exposures in brighter daytime lighting.
June 10, 2020 ++ Club Competition Motion
Photograph humans, animals/birds or objects in motion. Use your camera settings to either freeze the action or blur the motion (for instance panning).
Some examples: sporting events, children playing, birds in flight, planes in the air, cars driving by, a waterwheel spinning, a waterfall, a Ferris wheel. Any subject goes - as long as it is something obviously an object in motion.
Firework photos not allowed.
June 20, 2020 Club Meeting Picnic
Location to be determined.
September 9, 2020 Club Meeting Show and Tell
Images from members taken over the summer break.
September 23, 2020 ++ Club Competition Abandonment and Decay
Photograph an abandoned building or structures, or man-made objects in some state of decay. Either the inside or outside of the building/structures is acceptable.
Examples of decaying objects you may find to photograph: automobiles, trucks, machines or tools. Anything mad-made is an acceptable object.
October 14, 2020 Club Meeting Colombia - Francisco Gomez
October 28, 2020 ++ Club Competition Wildlife
Photograph any type of wildlife, preferably not in capativity (not in a zoo). Show some interesting action rather than simply a profile photo.
Birds, reptiles, insects/butterflies, amphibians are all permitted.
Humans are not included as wildlife and should not be in the photo. Domesticated animals not permitted.
November 11, 2020 ++ Club Competition Abstracts and Patterns in Nature
Create an abstract image from nature or caused by nature Abstract images may contain a small portion of an object or multiple objects. An abstract will often concentrate on a limited area of a subject that reveals a shape, pattern, form, color or texture.
Abstracts in nature are easily found if you look for them. Some examples: patterns in beach sand, snowflakes, ice srystals, a spider web, the curves of a shell, the bark of a tree, water on petals, flower stamens (the center part of a flower), waves on the water.
Enhancing/altering our photo using editing software is permitted.
December 9, 2020 ++ Club Competition Silhouettes
Shoot a silhouette. Silhouettes are fun and easy. In a silhouette, you shoot towards your light source, blocking the light. Your subject becomes black/in shadows against a bright background.
Examples: Statues make good subjects for silhouettes.