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Club meetings and competitions begin at 8:00pm unless otherwise noted.

Date Event/Activity Description
August 24, 2022 NO SUMMER MEETING -
September 14, 2022 Club Meeting The Art of Landscape presented by Kah-Wai Lin
September 28, 2022 ++ Club Competition Markets - Markets are a feast for the eyes, and fun to photograph. Everything is on display as crowds of customers wander, picking their items to buy. For this competition, photograph subjects that strike your senses at the market. Notice arrangements of fresh foods and produce with varied colors and textures. The heated conversation between the customer and the butcher. Rows of cans. A flea market stall with homemade silver jewelry for sale. Markets can be indoor or outdoor, small or super-sized, and sell any assortment of items. Show your most captivating market image!
October 12, 2022 Club Meeting A Passion for Wildlife Photography, The Stories Behind the Images presented by Irene Sacilotto
October 26, 2022 ++ Club Competition Color Landscapes - Take a photo of a landscape. The more colorful, the better! Hand of man will be allowed (i.e. your photo can also include people, buildings, fences, etc.)
November 9, 2022 ++ Club Competition Broken Down - For this competition it is all about what doesn't work, what is lying around and broken down. There can be a lot of beauty in things that are old and rusting away; get a closer look to see the cracks and the decay. The subject of your photo must obviously be broken down. B&W and color images are permitted as is hand of man.
November 23, 2022 Thanksgiving - no meeting -
December 14, 2022 ++ Club Competition Make your Photo not a Photo - Take a photo and turn it into a work of art using your camera settings or digital software manipulation. Try to make it no longer look like a photograph, but like some other type of art medium (i.e. a sketch, or an oil painting or watercolor).