This tutoria explains how to upload files to the CdCC web site.

Note: You must be logged in to upload files.


General Procedure

  • Process your image with any suitable software (Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Elements, etc)
  • Save image file in a format that is standard for your software; e.g., Photoshop saves .PSD files
  • Create a duplicate image and convert its color space to sRGB
  • Resize the image to meet the competition size and DPI/PPI restrictions (see standard requirements)
  • Save image as a JPEG file. Remember the folder where you saved it
  • Repeat the above for any other files you plan to upload

Standard CdCC Image Requirements

  • Images must be saved as JPEG files having a .jpg extension
  • Images must be saved in sRGB color space
  • The Dots Per Inch (DPI) or Pixels Per Inch (PPI) must be set to 96
  • Images must be scaled to 768 pixels maximum along their longest edge

Note: Always check Club Compeition Rules and specific competition rules as they may have requirements that differ from those above.

Choose Menu Option

From the main menu bar, click Competitions > Upload Image Files. The page then shows your member name, member ID, the organization group and the competition year on lines near the top of Figure 1. At the bottom of Figure 1 there is a table listing all of the competitions for which you may upload files. (There are others, but we will get to them at the end of this tutorial.)

competition selection
Figure 1

The table provides information about the specific competitions that you will select.

  • Slt means select (using a radio button) the competition to which your files will be uploaded
  • Org is the specific organization holding the competition (cdcc is Cranbury digital Camera Club)
  • Theme is the competition theme
  • Date is the competition date
  • Type is competition type code. See description in center of Figure 1
  • Num is the number of images per person that may be uploaded for the specific competition
  • H px is maximum number of pixels in the horizontal direction permitted in images
  • V px is maximum number of pixels in the vertical direction permitted in images

Near the bottom of this page we describe how to select competitions held by other organizations and other years. For now,we will concentrate on uploading to CdCC.

Competition Action Buttons

The action buttons on the left side of the screen are shown in Figure 2. The purple button is used to select different organization groups and competition years. We describe these later. The blue button is used to indicate your specific competition choice.

competition action buttons
Figure 2

You must first select a competition by clicking on one of the radio buttons in the Slt column. After selecting a competition, click on the blue Select button. A new page like that shown in Figure 3 will appear.

Image Management

The image management page offers options to upload an image file, remove an image from a competition or edit the title of an already uploaded image.

text file contents
Figure 3.

The table shown in Figure 3 is used to select and display information about images that you have uploaded for the specific competition. The table is empty because no files have been uploaded yet.

Notice that the page shows reminders of the member and competition details at the top of Figure 3.

Image Management Action Buttons

The action buttons on the left side of the screen are shown in Figure 4. The blue button causes a return to competition selection, and the purple buttons are used for actions relating to the images.

image management action buttons
Figure 4

The list below gives a brief synopsis of how each action button is used.

  • Competitions returns you to the competition selection web page
  • Remove Image allows you to remove an image from the competition
  • Upload brings up a web page to upload a single image file
  • Edit Title allows you to revise the title of an already uploaded image

Uploading a File

Clicking the Upload button shown in Figure 4 brings up the upload web page. Only part of the page is shown below.

file upload information
Figure 5

Information is shown in the top portion of Figure 5 as a reminder about which competition the file will be uploaded.

The bottom portion of Figure 5 shows the two fields that you must complete indicating where the image file is located in your computer and what title you want to give the image. We describe each of these fields separately.

Image File

You enter the complete path to the image file in the top field, labeled Image File. An easier alternative is to browse for the file in your computer. Click the Browse button to display a file dialog similar to that shown in Figure 6 below.

Note: You may see a different-looking dialog depending upon whether you use a Mac or PC and the operating system on your computer.

file open dialog
Figure 6

The file that you choose may have any name, but it must have a .jpg extension. It is not necessary that your file name conform to any convention because after uploading, software on the web site will rename the file according to the latest CdCC convention. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to choose a file with the name "img_0765.jpg".

Note: The maximum image dimensions were shown in the reminder of Figure 5 above. If you choose an image file that is larger in either the horizontal or vertical direction, software on the web will automatically resize the image saved at the web site to meet the size requirements. If that happens, the club does not guarantee image sharpness or any other features. The web site software does not scale images that meet the size requirements or are smaller.

Note: Software on the web site does not alter the DPI or PPI settings in JPEG files.

After specifying an image file, you must enter a title in the second field labeled Image Title. Figure 7 illustrates entering a title.

entering a title
Figure 7

Note: There are special limitations for titles. These are described in a note entitled Title Notes beneath the entry fields on the web page and are not duplicated in this tutorial.

Upload Action Buttons

Two action buttons on the left side of the screen either cancel the upload or initiate it.

upload action buttons
Figure 8

  • Cancel cancels the upload request
  • Do It initiates the file upload.

When the upload completes, the image management page is displayed as shown in Figure 9.

image mgmt page 1 image
Figure 9

Figure 9 shows that one file has been uploaded, and entered into the competition. If the competition permits more images per entrant, then repeat the upload procedure. Figure 10 shows two images uploaded.

image mgmt page 2 images
Figure 10

Removing Images

There may be times where you decide to withdraw an image from competition. There are other times when you want to replace an image that you previously uploaded with a different image - either an improvement over your original upload or an entirely different image.

Remember that you may only submit a specific number of images for each competition. The software will not allow you to upload more. To upload another image requires that you remove one of the images first.

Refer to Figures 10 & 4. Select an image to remove by clicking one of the radio buttons under the Slt column as shown in Figure 10 and then click the Remove Image button shown in Figure 4.

After clicking the Remove Image button, you are presented with another web page asking you to confirm the removal. A sample is shown in Figure 11.

confirm removal
Figure 11

Pressing the green-colored Do It button tells software on the web site to remove the image.

Editing Image Titles

It is permissible to change an image title prior to the upload deadline. Refer to Figures 10 & 4 above. Select an image whose title is to be changed by clicking one of the radio buttons under the Slt column as shown in Figure 10 and then click the Edit Title button shown in Figure 4.

After clicking the Edit Title button, you are presented with another web page with a field to change the title. A sample is shown in Figure 12.

edit title
Figure 12

As previously described, there are special limitations for titles. These are described in a note entitled Title Notes beneath the entry field of the web page.

Pressing the green-colored Do It button tells software on the web site to revise the image title.

Chosing Different Organization Groups and Competition Years

You can change the organization group supported by this web site. An organization group is simply a high level means to categorize organizations. You may also change the competition year for uploading to competitions in other years. Referring to Figure 2, click the puprle OrgGrp & Year button. A web page as shown in Figures 13 & 14 appears.

change org group
Figure 13

Figure 13 illustrates how to choose a different organization group. Most of the time, club members will use CdCC. Provisions are included in the software to support other types of competitions, such as PSA, however, whether or not the coordinators for those organizations make use of this facility is determined by them. Please check with our local representatives regarding their use of this feature.

Choices of organization grouping are

  • CdCC — Cranbury digital Camera Club
  • PSA — Photographic Society of America
  • NJFCC — New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs
  • Ad Hoc — One-shot opportunities such as other camera club competitions

change year
Figure 14

Figure 14 illustrates how to choose a different competition year.

After you choose a different organization group or a different year, press the green-colored Do It button to display the respective competitions.

The end. Good luck and may all your images win awards!