The following explains how to revise your contact information.

Note: You must be logged in to view and edit this data

Data Record View

From the main menu bar, click Members > Update Member Data. The page then shows the personal information about you in the database as shown in Figure 1.

Note: Although you are able to change the information in this view, doing so does not alter what is in the database.

personal information
Figure 1

Action Buttons - View Mode

The action buttons to the left of the data record are shown in Figure 2. The two buttons are Modify and txt File this Mbr show permissible actions. To revise your data, you must first click the Modify button. To obtain a text file containing your information in the database, you must click the txt File this Mbr button.

action buttons
Figure 2

Creating A Text File

You can generate a text file containing all of the data shown on the Member Maintenance page. Click the txt File this Mbr button, and a new window will open in your browser showing the contents of the text file. See Figure 3 below.

text file contents
Figure 3.

Note: Pop-ups from this site must be enabled for this feature to work. If a new window does not appear, it may be because you have pop-ups blocked. Enabling pop-ups depends upon which browser you are using. In Internet Explorer, there is an option in the Tools menu item. In Safari, there is an option in the Edit menu item. FireFox shows an option at the top of the screen when a pop-up is blocked; you can choose to allow pop-ups from this site ( or do more extensive configuration from the Tools > Options > Content menu choices.

When the window opens, you have several choices.

  • Print a copy using your browser's Print facility
  • Save to a file using your browser's File > Save As menu option
  • Copy and paste the information into another document

Modifying Your Data

In order to modify any data in the database, you must first click on the Modify button. The screen will refresh and you may revise data in some of the fields.

There are now only two action buttons on the left side of the screen as shown in Figure 4. Clicking the Cancel button returns you to the previous screen and does not save any changes that you may have made. Clicking the Do It button returns you to the previous screen and doessave changes that you made. Do not click the green button until you are sure the data is correct - see the Editing section below - as this is what causes your browser to send the modified data to the database.

action buttons
Figure 4


You may edit any of the data fields having a green bar to the left of the field label. In Figure 5, this member revised his email address and his web password. (Compare these with the fields shown in Figure 1.) Because there are green bars on the left of these two fields, it is permissible to change them.

The database will not update information that the member edits in fields having a gray bar instead of a green bar on the left. Club officers are authorized to change these fields, but the web server knows not to modify the fields marked with gray bars for normal members.

Pressing the green-colored Do It button tells the server to modify the database. After the screen refreshes, the information in the database is displayed.

edited data
Figure 5


After clicking the Do It button and before the server saves the new information to the database, it attempts to check the data for proper formatting. If the server finds an error it refreshes the screen with an error message printed above the record information. Figure 6 illustrates an error message for a password with illegal characters.

error indication
Figure 6

As you can see, the error message shows the password enterred by the member and an explanation of the error.

Figure 7 shows a red bar appearing to the left of the field where the error occurred to help locate which field needs correction.

red error bar
Figure 7