When logged in, you can

  • Upload images for CdCC competitions
  • Update your contact information
  • Continue to access all of the publicly available pages

When logged out, you can

  • Only access the publicly available pages

The following is a step-by-step procedure to log in and log out of the web site.

Step 1

At the home page, enter your member ID number and password in the boxes marked with the yellow ellipses in Figure 1.

home page log in
Figure 1

Step 2

Click the red-colored Log In button marked by the yellow ellipse in Figure 2.

home page log in
Figure 2

Step 3

If the web site was able to verify your member ID and password, you will be logged in. This is shown by the green-colored Log Out button marked by the yellow ellipse in Figure 3. This is the button you should click to log out when you are finished using the web site.

home page log in
Figure 3

Note: Other than the home page, all pages that require members be logged in have the dark blue band above the menu bar with a red Log In or a green Log Out button.

Note: Each of these protected pages has an activity timer that will prevent you from performing further activity or viewing other protected pages when it times out after 20 minutes of non use. If that happens, you must log out and then log back in to re-access the features.

Step 4

If you mis-typed the member ID or password in Step 1, you will receive an error notice that looks like Figure 4.

special log in/out page
Figure 4

If this happens, simply re-enter the correct information and click the red-colored button.

Note: Remember that letters in your password are case sensitive, and must be typed exactly as appear in your personal information.

Note: If you forget your password, or are unsure how to spell it, write to any or all of the officers. They can do a look-up and let you know what it is.

Step 5

If you are successful at logging in from Step 4, you will see a similar screen but with a green-colored Log Out button as shown in Figure 5.

special log in/out page
Figure 5