Competition History Calendar

Date Event/Activity Description
January 2024 ++ Club Competition
Shallow Depth of Field
Shallow Depth of Field:
Take a photo with an extremely shallow Depth of field. Use the lowest Aperture possible to obtain the results of the topic. F/1.4, and F/2.8 are a great start.
February 2024 ++ Club Competition
Leading Lines
The Image must have distinct leading lines heading to the subject.
March 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Letters
Including words in your images introduces a graphic element for your viewers to interact with further revealing the story of your image. Don't be afraid to go in tight and give us just a simple letter!
April 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Animal Family
Our feathered, four-legged, finned, scaled, and other non-human family members are very special to us. And a lot of us enjoy photographing them looking cute, poignant or doing funny things.
May 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Shadows
Photograph shadows so it's the main focus of the picture and tells a story. There are no restrictions and any subject is acceptable.
June 2024 ++ Club Competition
Abstracts and Patterns in Nature
Create an abstract image from nature or caused by nature Abstract images may contain a small portion of an object or multiple objects. concentrate on a limited area of a subject that reveals a shape, pattern, form, color or texture
July 2024 ++ Club Competition
Photograph Wildlife
Photograph any type of wildlife, preferably not in captivity (not in a zoo). Show some interesting action rather than simply a profile photo. Birds, reptiles, insects/ butterflies, amphibians are all permitted. Humans are not include
August 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Results of the Hand of Man
Man has had an impact on the natural world, both positive and negative. For this topic, focus on the results of the hand of man. For example, the city of New Orleans is below sea level.
September 2024 ++ Club Competition
In a Bottle
Take a picture of anything that can be contained in a bottle. Use your imagination.
October 2024 ++ Club Competition
NJ Shore
This should be an easy topic. The image must be taken at the Jersey Shore.
People, beach, boardwalk, anything goes. Just no SNAP SHOTS!
November 2024 ++ Club Competition
Your portrait could be of a person or of an animal. Portrait photography is about capturing the essence, personality, identity and attitude of a person or animal utilizing backgrounds, lighting and posing.
December 2024 ++ Club Competition
The Artistry of The Artist
Pick a famous artist or photographer. Take a picture and make it look like that person's work. Identify the artist or photographer in your title
January 2023 ++ Club Competition
Book, Movie, Song Titles
This is an OPEN competition. Enter your favorite photo, your best photo or both! The sky's the limit here … just be sure to find a title that fits the topic … does NOT have to be a popular title … just find one (Google is our friend!).

Judged by: Al Brown Video Replay
February 2023 ++ Club Competition
Macro (Close-up)
The photo should be taken from a position very near the subject. Generally this means that the lens should be focused at or near its closest focusing position. The use of close up filters, extension tubes and macro lenses is permitted. Nature or man-made objects permitted.

Judged by: Art Vaughan Video Replay
March 2023 ++ Club Competition
As photographers, we often focus on natural landscapes because they are so beautiful. But cityscapes can be beautiful and interesting as well!

Judged by: Jim LasalaVideo Replay
April 2023 ++ Club Competition
Cemeteries can be interesting places to photograph. Think of the symmetry of the grave markers at the Arlington National Cemetery, crumbling, vine-covered tombstones in a forgotten cemetery, beautiful and poignant objects left on graves and interesting statuary. No restrictions other than your photo must have been taken in a cemetery.

Judged By: Tom Cuchara Video Replay
May 2023 ++ Club Competition
Dramatic Skies
Late afternoon and early evening skies that are very dramatic and striking. The dramatic sky should be the main emphasis of the photo. Various photo elements such as barns, trees, bridges etc. are OK but the dramatic sky must create the overall effect. Hand-of-Man and Black-n-White are permitted

Judged by: Mike Pillows Video Reply Doesn't have Gp4
June 2023 ++ Club Competition
What says winter to you? Is it a fresh snowfall on a landscape? Icicles hanging from a barn roof? A fire in the fireplace? Children bundled up in snow suits? A bird sitting on a snow-covered branch Think broadly. Just make sure your photo strongly captures a winter theme

Judged by: Susan Puder Video Replay
July 2023 ++ Club Competition
Night Photography
Night photography is a lot of fun whether you focus on nature or cityscapes or a combination of both. No restrictions except your photo must have obviously been taken at night.

Judged by: Dutch Bagley Video Reply
August 2023 ++ Club Competition
Colors in Sky
Sunset or sunrise photography Can be taken before sunrise or after sunset when the color in the sky is magnificent. Your image can be taken as the sun is ascending or descending, as long as there is color in the sky like yellows, oranges, and reds.

Judged by: John Stritzinger Video Replay
September 2023 ++ Club Competition
Fog and Mist
Various outdoor photo subjects are possible but the fog and mist is obviously the major element of the photo. The fog/mist should create a dramatic effect, creative mood or other special effect. Black n White or Color and Hand of Man are allowed.

Judged by: Anastasia Tompkins Video Replay
October 2023 ++ Club Competition
Sports Photography
Since not everyone photographs sports, we’re keeping this topic broad and also including photographing games such as chess or cards. But whichever sport or game you choose, it’s important that you show the sport or game being played that means you must have people in your photo participating in the sport or game. You can’t just take an artistic picture of a chess board.

Judged by: Mike Di Stefano Video Replay
November 2023 ++ Club Competition
Pure Black and White
Pure Black and White
All subjects indoor or outdoor are permitted but there should not be any color in the photo. Keep this to true black-n-white — Do not use variations such as sepia or silver tones. Let us be creative.
December 2023 ++ Club Competition
My Favorite Photo
Everyone has one or two favorite photos in their collection. What is yours? Enter it in this month’scompetition and let’s see it! Reminder: according to club rules, your photo cannot have won anaward in any other CdCC monthly competition.
January 2022 ++ Club Competition An Obviously Altered Photo Take a photo of any subject at all and alter the image in-camera or edit/alter that photo using software such as Photoshop, Photoshop Elements., Topaz, etc. Do anything you want to change it. Some post processing examples - converting your image to black and white, enhancing the colors, using a creative filter, overlaying a texture or adding elements to the photo that weren't there originally. Only rule: it must be obvious to the viewer that the photo was altered either in camera or post processing

Judged by: Barbra Warren Video Replay
February 2022 ++ Club Competition
Arch or Arches
Arch or Arches An arch is a vertical curved structure that spans an elevated space. Your photograph must include an arch or many arches as the subject. Examples could include church windows, weeping bamboo, bridges, some building features, McDonald's, or make one yourself. Be creative. Hand of man is permitted. BW or color allowed.

Judged by: Henry RowanVideo Replay
March 2022 ++ Club Competition
Panorama - Create a panorama that is at least three times the height of or width of a standard photograph. This may be accomplished by stitching at least 3 images together using editing software, or using a camera or cell phone that has this capability in-camera.- Create a panorama that is at least three times the height of or width of a standard photograph. This may be accomplished by stitching at least 3 images together using editing software, or using a camera or cell phone that has this capability in-camera.

Judged by: Anastasia TompkinsVideo Replay
April 2022 ++ Club Competition
Chruch Windows
Chruch Windows - The main subject of this image must be a window opening at a religious institution, i.e. a church, temple, synagogue or mosque. Examples include photos of stained glass or wavy glass windows, views through an arched church window, reflections off of the window glass etc. Hand of man is permitted, as are B&W or color images.

Judged By: Tom CucharaVideo Replay
May 2022 ++ Club Competition Bridges - Your photo must include one or more bridges or part(s) of a bridge as the main subject. Covered bridges, suspension bridges, overpasses, and footbridges are all suitable examples. More than one bridge or only a portion of a bridge in the image is permitted. Obviously, hand of man is allowed and your image can be color or BW.

Judged by: Ron Wyatt.Video Replay
June 2022 ++ Club Competition No Hand of Man - A nature photograph that shows nothing man-made and no hand of man. It can be anything in nature: animals, birds, insects, plants, flowers, etc. Note: we will allow hybridized plants and flowers for this specific competition. So for instance photos that are of, or include sunflowers, irises, and tulips will be allowed. But remember, a photo of a planted field of flowers or a garden WOULD be considered hand of man and disqualified.

Judged by: Art VaughanVideo Replay
September 2022 ++ Club Competition Markets - Markets are a feast for the eyes, and fun to photograph. Everything is on display as crowds of customers wander, picking their items to buy. For this competition, photograph subjects that strike your senses at the market. Notice arrangements of fresh foods and produce with varied colors and textures. The heated conversation between the customer and the butcher. Rows of cans. A flea market stall with homemade silver jewelry for sale. Markets can be indoor or outdoor, small or super-sized, and sell any assortment of items. Show your most captivating market image!

Judged by: Jim LasalaVideo Replay
October 2022 ++ Club Competition Color Landscapes - Take a photo of a landscape. The more colorful, the better! Hand of man will be allowed (i.e. your photo can also include people, buildings, fences, etc.)

Judged by: John Stritzinger.Video Replay
November 2022 ++ Club Competition Broken Down - For this competition it is all about what doesn't work, what is lying around and broken down. There can be a lot of beauty in things that are old and rusting away; get a closer look to see the cracks and the decay. The subject of your photo must obviously be broken down. B&W and color images are permitted as is hand of man.

Judged by: Mike Pillows Video Replay
December 2022 ++ Club Competition Make your Photo not a Photo - Take a photo and turn it into a work of art using your camera settings or digital software manipulation. Try to make it no longer look like a photograph, but like some other type of art medium (i.e. a sketch, or an oil painting or watercolor).

Judged by: Lisa CucharaVideo Replay
January 2021 ++ Club Competition Architecture - Old, new, small, large, a piece of a whole, the exterior, interior -- whatever suits you!

Hint : In architecture photography, you need to focus on composition rules a lot. A building can look stunning, but if you don't know how to fit it in your frame, it might look average in photos.

Judged by: Barbra WarrenVideo Replay
February 2021 ++ Club Competition Black and White Only - Take/convert photo to a black and white image having only shades of gray. The skies the limit! Any subject is permitted.

Hint: Photos with a lot of contrast (black blacks and white whites, but not blown out) convert best to black and white. No colors, tones or sepia allowed.

Judged by: Henry Rowan Video Replay
March 2021 ++ Club Competition The Power of Three - Three things, living or inanimate objects (or in combination), are the primary subject of the photograph. They need not be the same three things.

The Power of Tree, Judged by: Al BrownVideo Replay
April 2021 ++ Club Competition Barns - Barns are wonderful to photograph, either by themselves or as an integral part of landscape. Your barn can be old or new, in use or abandoned.

Judged by: Ron Wyatt Video Replay
May 2021 ++ Club Competition
Photo Abstract
Photo Abstract - In this challenge, the subject should not be immediately recognizable. Instead, shape, line, texture, pattern and/or color predominate.

Judged by: Anastasia Tompkins Video Replay
June 2021 ++ Club Competition Outdoor Macro Photography - Extreme close-ups or true life-size photos taken outdoors. Flowers, leaves, small animals and butterflies all make great macro subjects. Hand-of-man may be included in the photo.
Photo must be taken outdoors.

Judged by Harvey Augenbaum Video Replay
September 2021 ++ Club Competition Garden Wildlife - Our own garden oases and public gardens such as Rutgers Gardens or Sayen Gardens are rich in wildlife; bees, butterflies, spiders, dragonflies, birds, hummingbird moths, frogs and other insects.
Photograph close-up garden plants and their wildlife visitors, or ponds and their wildlife visitors, any type of wildlife you will see in a garden is fine.

Judged By: Lisa LangellVideo Replay
October 2021 ++ Club Competition Trees - Take a photo of trees. One tree or many trees, but the main subject of the photo must be the tree(s).

Judged By: Art Vaughan Video Replay
November 2021 ++ Club Competition Street Photography - Street photography is photography in a very public place (anywhere in the world). The setting enables the photographer to take pictures of strangers, often without their knowledge. Street photographers do not necessarily have a social purpose in mind, but prefer to isolate and capture moments which might otherwise go unnoticed.
Street photography usually include people, but they do not necessarily have to.

Judged by: Jim Lasala Video Replay
December 2021 ++ Club Competition Leaves and Needles - Photograph a leaf (or leaves) or needles. Trees, flowers, grass, wheat and other grains, indoor house plants - all have leaves - many in diverse colors and shapes.

Judged by: Robert ZurfluhVideo Replay
January 2020 ++ Club Competition Detail Is Everything
Enter your images where a detail in the photo is what makes the image special.
Every picture has a feature critical to its composition. In a macro, it could be the insect you're photographing. In a wide angle shot it's the foreground feature. In a telephoto, it's the detail that lets the viewer understand the significance of the shot.
Examples: A landscape where you have focused on a log lying on the ground and pointing into the photo; with a telephoto, a shot of a bird on the ground where only the bird is in focus - both the foreground and background are out of focus. With a macro shot, the antenna on your insect is the sharpest part in focus.
February 2020 ++ Club Competition Black and White Only
Take/convert photo to a black and white image having only shades of grey. The skies the limit! Any subject is permitted.
Hint : Photos with a lot of contrast( black blacks and white whites, but not blown out) convert best to black and white. No colors, tones or sepia allowed.
March 2020 ++ Club Competition Leading Lines
Take a photo with Leading Lines.
Definition: Leading lines are compositional elements - straight, curved, or irregular - that lead the viewer's eye into the image.
Examples of subjects include, but are limited to paths, streams, roads, wires, and fences.

Judged by: Ron WyattVideo Replay
April 2020 ++ Club Competition Reflections
Photograph an image that contains a reflection of any type of surface. For instance, reflections on metal, glass, or water. A very straightforward challenge.

Judged by: Dave Des RocherVideo Replay
May 2020 ++ Club Competition Long Exposures
Take an image of a subject using a long exposure to blur or smooth out motion.
Examples of subjects: water falls, rivers, large bodies of water, skies or carnival rides. Long exposures - use a long exposure to slow or blur motion/smooth water etc. With less light entering the lens, the shutter speed needs to be much longer.
A neutral density filter allow you to shoot longer exposures in brighter daytime lighting.

Judged by: Richard Lewis Video Replay
June 2020 ++ Club Competition Motion
Photograph humans, animals/birds or objects in motion. Use your camera settings to either freeze the action or blur the motion (for instance panning).
Some examples: sporting events, children playing, birds in flight, planes in the air, cars driving by, a waterwheel spinning, a waterfall, a Ferris wheel. Any subject goes - as long as it is something obviously an object in motion.
Firework photos not allowed.

Judged by: Beth StarVideo Replay
September 2020 ++ Club Competition Abandonment and Decay
Photograph an abandoned building or structures, or man-made objects in some state of decay. Either the inside or outside of the building/structures is acceptable.
Examples of decaying objects you may find to photograph: automobiles, trucks, machines or tools. Anything mad-made is an acceptable object.

Judged by: Al BrownVideo Replay
October 2020 ++ Club Competition Wildlife
Photograph any type of wildlife, preferably not in capativity (not in a zoo). Show some interesting action rather than simply a profile photo.
Birds, reptiles, insects/butterflies, amphibians are all permitted.
Humans are not included as wildlife and should not be in the photo. Domesticated animals not permitted.

Judged by: Phil EchoVideo Replay
November 2020 ++ Club Competition Abstracts and Patterns in Nature
Create an abstract image from nature or caused by nature Abstract images may contain a small portion of an object or multiple objects. An abstract will often concentrate on a limited area of a subject that reveals a shape, pattern, form, color or texture.
Abstracts in nature are easily found if you look for them. Some examples: patterns in beach sand, snowflakes, ice crystals, a spider web, the curves of a shell, the bark of a tree, water on petals, flower stamens (the center part of a flower), waves on the water.
Enhancing/altering your photo using editing software is permitted.

Judged by: Becky WittVideo Replay
December 2020 ++ Club Competition Silhouettes
Shoot a silhouette. Silhouettes are fun and easy. In a silhouette, you shoot towards your light source, blocking the light. Your subject becomes black/in shadows against a bright background.
Examples: Statues make good subjects for silhouettes.

Judged by: Brian SzaboVideo Replay
January 2019 ++ Club Competition Book, Movie, Song Titles - This is an OPEN competition. Enter your favorite photo, your best photo or both! The sky's the limit here … just be sure to find a title that fits the topic … does NOT have to be a popular title … just find one (Google is our friend!).
February 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Still Life - One of the best ways to learn your camera and gear is through still life photography. You have total control over everything from your subjects to your lighting to your story. Get set up on a tripod and start snapping. Check your composition and adjust as needed. Do this enough and soon you'll have a feel for everything that's possible with your gear. (NOTE: for this one, there is no excuse for getting it wrong. You really DO have total control!)
March 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Machinery - Subjects like machinery are fantastic because, more often than not, you have complete control over everything from lighting to composition. A tripod will help you hone your composition into a very compelling image … and if you fill the frame with your subject, all sense of perspective can be lost, which creates a fantastic photograph.
April 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Letters - Including words in your images introduces a graphic element for your viewers to interact with - further revealing the story of your image. Words can lend a particular voice to the composition - whether whimsical, like the sample below (on the card) or something with a bit more gravitas. Don't be afraid to go in tight and give us just a simple letter!
May 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph The Color Red - The color red is probably one of the most challenging colors to photograph because it over saturates very easily. You'll know when you've got it when you can see the dozen shades of red in your subject. Don't take the easy way out and do a limited-color effect in post. Red is a passionate color = let your imagination run wild! (NOTE: The image does NOT need to be all red. Red is a warm color and usually moves to the front of the image, depending on the other colors around it, so it doesn't need to be a large part of the image … just needs to stand out.)
June 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Texture - The challenge here is to infuse your images with texture. Taking a two-dimensional print and giving it the feel of a 3D experience by introducing texture is a sure-fire way of distinguishing your work from those around you. It's all about the angle of your light and working with the shadows to take full advantage of the existing textures. Textures that compliment your image can be added during post-processing to enhance the image and for creative expression.
July 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Bugs - Bugs are probably the most popular subjects to photograph in close-up or macro - next to flowers, of course. The challenge: show off something we haven't seen yet - as in the example below (on the card), a praying mantis making a snack of a poor, little lady bug. The most successful image will be one that evokes some sort of emotion from your audience.
August 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Shadows - Shadows are something a lot of photographers try and avoid, but the challenge here is to make them work to your advantage. Pay attention to the shape of the shadows - or how they can separate your composition. Use them as subtle, graphic elements to help tell your story. You might even use your flash to create some of your own.
September 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Circles - This challenge is solely reliant on your going out and finding the shot before you snap a single image. You're on the hunt for anything circular - that's a broad range of subjects at your discretion. The circle can be your actual subject - or the circle can frame your subject. It won't be long before you are seeing circles everywhere!
(NOTE: The image must include full circles … arcs, semi-circles, etc. alone are not what we're looking for. These can be included provided there's at least one full circle in the image.)
(NOTE2: A circle seen at an angle may not LOOK fully circular, but everyone knows wagon wheels and car wheels are circles, so don't make yourself crazy trying to shoot head-on! That wouldn't make a very pleasing photo in many cases, anyway!)
October 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Landscape - Another challenge for anybody with an interest in photography is the landscape genre. There's one critical ingredient for any successful landscape photograph and that's clouds. Clouds add instant drama to landscapes - nothing says drab more than a boring sky. What if you don't have an interesting sky? Crop as close to the horizon as possible!
November 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Trash - It is amazing what people throw out - one man's trash is another man's treasure - and what terrific photographic opportunities! The challenge is to keep your eyes open for those diamonds in the rough, especially when you're going through places like junk yards or abandoned locations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
December 2019 ++ Club Competition Photograph Fences - When you are shooting outside, fences make wonderful elements for use in your photography. They can help you divide your image into the rule of thirds, give your subjects something to interact with and even offer some leading lines for stronger compositions. Be it wood, iron or wire, you can't beat a good fence to help improve your image!
January 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Lines - Lines are wonderful tools to help us photographers lead the viewers eyes through our images. ...
Click here for full description
February 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph a Door - Doors are mysterious objects - and a natural subject for photographers. ...Click here for full description
March 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Bokeh - You're going to need some really good glass for this challenge - something that opens way up to f2.8 or even f1.4. ...
Click here for full description
April 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Benches - Park benches are situated in ideal locations, taking advantage of both light and setting. ...
Click here for full description
May 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Hands at Work - Hands tell us so much about one's life, their trade and a bit about their past. ...
Click here for full description
June 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Light - A deceptive challenge, this is. We all photograph light - it's our paint brush. ...
Click here for full description
July 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Statuary - Statuary are ideal subjects to begin understanding light. ...
Click here for full description
August 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph a Sunset - Sunsets rank pretty high on the list of photographic clichés, but with the light fading and you struggling to find that 'right moment' - a more challenging experience you'll never find. ...
Click here for full description
September 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Technology - This challenge is all about technology, but don't limit yourself to today's advancements! ...
Click here for full description
October 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Weather - Weather is something we deal with on a daily basis and can offer up some of our most magnificent photographic opportunities. ...
Click here for full description
November 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph Road Signs - Road signs point us in the right direction, but are mostly forgotten as soon as we pass them - but what wonderful photographic subjects they make. ...
Click here for full description
December 2018 ++ Club Competition Photograph a Spiritual Site - Houses of worship are, by their very nature, inspiring in both their architecture and their symbolism. ...
Click here for full description
January 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Movie, Song or Book
February 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Keeping Time
March 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Shallow Depth of Field
April 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Fire and/or Smoke
May 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Signs
June 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Childrens Toys
July 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Diners
August 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Architectural Elements
September 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: High Noon
October 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Macro in Nature
November 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Wings
December 2017 ++ Club Competition Theme: Multiple Images
January 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Movie/Song/Book Title
February 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Human Faces
March 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Side Lighting
April 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Winter Scenes
May 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Rocks and Stones
June 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Cemeteries
July 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Geometric Shapes
August 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: No Hand of Man
September 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Markets
October 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Games People Play
November 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Leaves
December 2016 ++ Club Competition Theme: Black and White
January 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Roadscapes
February 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Effects of Weather
March 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Window Light
April 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Negative Space
April 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Winter Scenes
May 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Abstract
June 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Patterns in Nature
July 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Twilight Time
August 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Silhouettes
September 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Arches
October 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Abandoned Buildings
November 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Extreme Perspective
December 2015 ++ Club Competition Theme: Macros
January 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Reflections
February 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Food Photography
March 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Stairs
April 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Nature
May 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Red, Yellow or Blue
June 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Shallow Depth of Field
July 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Technoscape
August 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Light Painting
September 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Water In Motion
October 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Backlit
November 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: B & W + One Color
December 2014 ++ Club Competition Theme: Framed View
January 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Leading Lines
February 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Houses of Worship
March 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: From Above
April 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Very Young, Very Old
May 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Street Photography
June 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Shadows
July 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: In a Row
August 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Ethnic Culture
September 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Motion
October 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Live Animals
November 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Vacation Photo
December 2013 ++ Club Competition Theme: Night Photography